Elected Officials Comment on Livingston County Leading Michigan in Lowest Jobless Rate

Livingston County now holds the lowest unemployment rate in the state at 2.7 percent, as of June 2017

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Washington, DC, August 3, 2017 | comments
U.S. Congressman Mike Bishop, State Senator Joe Hune, Reps. Lana Theis and Hank Vaupel, and Livingston County Commissioners Chairwoman Kate Lawrence comment on Livingston County's leadership in creating meaningful employment opportunities for its residents.
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BRIGHTON, Mich. – In a recent county-by-county breakdown, the Michigan Bureau of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives found Livingston County now holds the lowest unemployment rate in the state at 2.7 percent, as of June 2017. In response, members of local, state and federal government commented on Livingston County’s leadership in creating meaningful employment opportunities for its residents:

U.S. Congressman Mike Bishop, Michigan’s 8th District

“Livingston County continues to be a prime example of efficient, conservative-led government. Thanks in no small part to our local and state leadership, Livingston County is leading Michigan with the lowest jobless rate. Their model of low taxes and efficient government is what I’m fighting for in so we can spread this kind of success across our district, state and country.

“I’m proud to represent Livingston County and look forward to partnering with leaders throughout the 8th Congressional District to create more good-paying jobs through tax reform and common sense solutions that bolster economic growth for our local communities.”

Senator Joe Hune, Michigan’s 22nd State Senate District

“Over the past seven years, my colleagues and I have worked hard to foster job growth, keep taxes low, and eliminate job-killing regulations in an effort to make Michigan a place where job creators want to do business. The news that Livingston County had a jobless rate of 2.7 percent for the month of June, the lowest in the state of Michigan, is a result of our conservative policy agenda having positive effects on our economy.

“I will continue to fight for Michigan jobs. We cannot turn our back on all of the ground we have gained since the Lost Decade of the 2000’s. While we still have a lot of work to do, we have come a long way since 2010.”

Representative Lana Theis, Michigan’s 42nd State House District

“Livingston County's leaders are dedicated to making our community the best place to live and to work in the state of Michigan. Through conservative governance we have the lowest unemployment in the state, among the lowest taxes in the state, and our residents continually give of themselves to ensure the quality of life is the best in the state. Livingston County life is terrific!"

Representative Hank Vaupel, Michigan’s 47th State House District

“Responsible, fiscally conservative principles are reflected in the very low unemployment rate in Livingston County. Good governance at all levels is vital to maintaining this impressive rate.”

Chairwoman Kate Lawrence, Livingston County Board of Commissioners

“It goes without saying that the success of Livingston County is directly tied to the hard working taxpayers, County Commissioners, elected officials, County employees and community volunteers. Livingston County has a history of meeting the challenges and opportunities that have been placed before us particularly during recessionary times. A consistent discipline of cost containment while delivering meaningful service is a continued practice.

“It is with great pride that Livingston County honors our tax payers and celebrates the legacy of leadership over the years that have led and continues to lead Livingston County to be an exemplary form of Government with a balanced budget. The continuation of our AAA Moody rating cannot be understated, as we share this distinction with only 4 other Counties. The AAA rating is maintained by those entities with transparency, sound financial management and healthy general fund reserves. We continue to be a sought-after community where businesses flourish, employment is stable and families feel safe and secure.”


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