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The United States is looking at every option to achieve energy independence. To accomplish this goal, we must take the necessary steps to develop more domestic sources of energy and incentivize production of more energy-efficient technologies. This starts by getting rid of the Washington roadblocks that often stifle innovation and implementing an “all-of-the-above” energy strategy that stops the Federal government from picking winners and losers.

As a father and lifelong Michigan resident, I want my children to enjoy the great outdoors like I did growing up and I greatly understand the importance the environment has had on the tourism industry and state economy. I am committed to supporting an energy policy that will prioritize the environment without compromising the economy.

Michigan has a unique and diverse energy landscape and we have been on the forefront of the rapidly growing renewable energy sector. By allowing consumer demand to drive the market and prohibiting government interference, I am certain we will continue to find ways to provide the constituents of Michigan’s 8th District with affordable, reliable, and cleaner energy sources in the years to come.
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