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Michigan’s farmers are the backbone of America’s agriculture industry, feeding millions of Michiganders, Americans across the country, and even people across the globe. These hard working and devoted families get up every day and commit themselves to growing our agriculture industry.

Michigan continues to grow as one of the most dynamic and efficient agricultural states in the country. Agriculture is Michigan’s second largest industry, employing almost 25 percent of the Michigan workers. Many of these farms date back generations, yet have recently developed new technologies that have revolutionized how farmers cultivate their land. Driving this is a competitive global marketplace and the research being done in the district at Michigan State University. As the original land grant college and a leader in agricultural studies, Michigan State is an invaluable resource for farmers in Michigan.

With over 300 commodities produced, Michigan is the second most diverse agriculture state in the country. These commodities include dairy, beef, pork, potatoes, and poultry. Michigan is the leading producer of asparagus, tart cherries, and pickled cucumbers, and is renowned for its corn, soy beans, blueberries, and apple orchards.

As the representative for Michigan’s Eighth District, I look forward to working with researchers, growers, processers and distributers, in order to further Michigan agriculture.

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