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Congressman Mike Bishop

Representing the 8th District of Michigan


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A Better Way


One thing is clear – the American people feel like their voices aren’t being heard. The status quo won’t fix the problems families are facing day in and day out. So after seven years of this administration’s top-down, government-knows-best approach, Speaker Ryan and the Republican-led House are putting forward a better way that looks to what we can achieve in 2017 and beyond. We want to restore a confident America and get our nation back on track. We want everyone to feel secure in their lives and their futures. To do that, we’re focusing on the following areas:

Six Things on our Six Big Ideas

An Equal Shot at the American Dream. Our plan empowers people and creates opportunity, to end the cycle of poverty in America and help students find success in today's workforce. Everyone deserves a chance to make it. Read more...

Protect Our Way of Life. Our top priority is to define and destroy the threats facing America. We propose a realistic and actionable plan to keep us safe and free. Read more...

Less Regulations. The free market must decide the winners and losers, not the government. That means cutting down on federal regulations, and putting students and workers first. Read more...

President or King? Our President has been acting more like a monarch than an elected official. Our plan puts law-making power back in the hands of Congress, where it belongs. Read more...

Starting Over With Obamacare (a.k.a. replacing it). We’re putting forward a plan that lets you keep your health care if you like it, with freedom to change it if you don’t. Read more...

Fixing the Tax Code. We need a simpler, fairer tax code – one that makes it easier for you to do your taxes under an IRS that works for you. Check it out. 


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